•  Three modes for Marine

  1. Strong and powerful
  2. Fast and strong
  3. Super-fast

  1. Strong and powerful

Thrustmaster of Texas, manufacture a complete line of Thrusters including: Azimuth, Tunnel, Stern Drives, Retractable,  Portable or Fixed DP systems, Under water removable system for Oil Platforms, mechanical Hydrostatic systems from 75KW to 9000kw.

  • Fast and powerful
  • JET Propulsion, Thrustmaster and DOEN now made and service in USA for the America market, comes in 4 categories, 3 range of Power for the DOEN, and one Tractor Jet Drive of Thrustmaster design covering from SMALL boats to FAST service boat and ferries.

  1. Super-fast

Surface Drive Systems (France Helices) offers for Aluminum and Fiberglas hulls the speed and the shallow draft capabilities. Excess of 50 knots are achieve on Hull as large as 80 feet. Patrol boats, Speed boats, Luxury Fast Boats.

  • Solutions for your application

Wide range of application for all type of boats and vessels

  • Support

We support, Owners, designers and engineers in the selection of the propulsion.

Strong and Powerful

Strong and Powerful

Strong and Powerful


Marine Propulsion



DP system

Ranging from 75 kW to 8 MW

Azimuth and Pod

Strong and Powerful

Strong and Powerful


Marine propulsion 




Top removal

Under removal

Underwater removal option

Jet Drives

Strong and Powerful

Portable units


4 options for marine propulsion

  • Small HP
  • Mid Range
  • High Power
  • Thrustmaster Hi500

Portable units

Portable units

Portable units


Containerize propulsion (can be move quickly from one asset to another.

Install anywhere on marine barge or vessel

Telescopic available

360 degree rotation

Tilting from 60 deg to 180 deg.

Controls on unit or in Bridge

Radio Control units also available

S.D.S. System

Portable units

S.D.S. System


Marine Propulsion SDS, Surface Drive System

FRANCE HELICES provides you its experience and its knowledge since 1977.

Our SDS are fitted with propeller made by France Helices.

Latest NEWS


From Thrustmaster; DP System and technology

Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine has signed an agreement to sell the product Dynamic Positioning (DP) to the US based company Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc.

The agreement means that Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. now takes over the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) required to produce and sell the DP product.  Rolls-Royce will also pass on necessary documentation and knowledge of the DP product.  The agreement does not involve transfer of personnel.

Joe Bekker, President of Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc., based in Houston, stated that the company was “excited to now have direct access to this technology” and noted how it complimented the existing Thrustmaster product line.  Mr. Bekker thanked Rolls Royce for this valuable opportunity and looks forward to working with their personnel on the successful IPR transfer.

From Thrustmaster: Rentals

 Thrustmaster is offering on RENTAL basis is famous Marine Propulsion 150HP portable hydrostatic STERN Drives, These compact units are being used all around the world for commercial or navy application. Answering to a Customer Demand, Thrustmaster offers now  on rental business these compact units. With a minimum period of 3 months, we have allocated a certain quantity of units for RENTAL.